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Teaching Inside Out

  • 7+ years of professional teaching/speaking experience to students of all ages

  • B.A. in Cross-Cultural Studies, Informational Writing, and ESL

  • Passion for hands-on instruction that meets individual needs

  • Maker of killer Power Points and dry jokes (not literally killer…although there’s a great story idea)

Teaching/Speaking Options

  • World-Building From the Inside OutThe Workshop

  • Fundamentals of Fiction: Inside Out – The Workshop

  • Using Worldviews in Fiction – Check out What’s Up With Worldview?

  • The Reluctant Writer – Getting Plot on the Page Without Losing Your Mind

  • Using Humor in Fiction

  • Tweets, Blogs, and Book Signings: Make Marketing Work for You

  • Writing In the Margins – Refining Goals and Finding Time When It Doesn’t Exist

  • Characters and Contrasts – Using Opposites to Amp Up Your Fiction

Contact me at janeen.ippolito@gmail.com to open a conversation – or simply fill out the form below!

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