Storm Warden: A Gods and Monsters Quest

Sometimes your destiny is worse than your curse.


Maiwa is god-cursed–or so she thinks. Then a captive god, Tyrius Stormsong, shows up and declares that she’s far more: a powerful mediator between capricious gods, the wayward mortals, and the vengeful death unicorns. And the gods and death unicorns are dead set against her stopping their schemes.

Being cursed might have been easier…

A mythology/fantasy romance novella where the gods are real, the unicorns are deadly, and forbidden love comes with a side of snark.



I enjoyed this quick mythological romance. It has a lot of banter and snark and enough chemistry between the leads to keep it interesting. Amazon Review

This novella is a solid, snarky, slightly steamy romance set in a new fantasy world where fallible, killable “gods” whose power has turned into license and death unicorns whose justice has turned into vengeance have spent decades in conflict. I like the protagonist a lot–I’m looking forward to finding out what she does in the sequel! -Amazon Review

The best part of Storm Warden is the humor and snark that adds levity and even a bit of satire to the fantasy quest genre. -Amazon Review