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Getting started with writing, whether nonfiction blog posts, short stories, or epic-length fiction, can be a daunting process. My goal is to partner with you on this journey and take your writing to the next level! I want you to achieve your goals, whether they be in the indie publishing field, aiming for a traditional press, or perfecting memoirs to share with family and friends.

Editing Genres

I edit speculative fiction and historical fiction of all subgenres.


Historical: adventure, romance, horror, epic, suspense

Speculative: fantasy, romance, horror, space opera, epic fantasy, shape-shifters, and weird mash-ups.

Nonfiction:  articles, memoirs, autobiographies, how-to guides, various informational works, and teaching curricula.

Professional Experience

  • B.A. in Cross-Cultural Studies, Informational Writing, and ESL

  • 8+ years experience creating nonfiction curriculum content for blogs, classroom use, and reference materials. Author of World-Building From the Inside Out (textbook and workbook)

  • Author of supernatural/suspense Blood Mercy:Thicker Than Water

  • Content editor of Fae/Steampunk adventure/romance Halayda and mythology/romance Coiled

  • President/Fearless Leader of Uncommon Universes Press LLC with specialties in marketing strategy, production strategy, and author coaching.

  • Edited short stories, articles, research papers, novels, and memoirs

  • 8+ years of critical book reviews with focus on content analysis, world-building, and market evaluation

Before any contracts go out, we discuss your goals and your market so I can customize my work to fit your needs. My rates (listed below) vary depending on the type of work and the editing requirements of the manuscript.  Also, I am open to skill bartering and offer very generous payment plans, including the option to edit on a chapter by chapter basis as funds allow.

EXTRA Note: coaching clients get up to 30% off all editing services.

All prospective clients get a free test edit and a no-strings video consult to ensure we’re a good fit, and so you literally see where (and to whom) your hard-earned money is going!

Fill out the contact form below to get started!

Fiction Content Edit 

 Make your story unique, marketable, and anchored solidly in your overall narrative.

  • Enhance conflict and characterization for unforgettable stories

  • Critiques customized to the genre conventions and expectations in your story’s market

  • Encouragement on what’s working and objective critique on what isn’t

  • Expand your world-building or historical era to push your plot


  • First three pages quick-reviewed with notes for FREE to see if we’re a good fit

  • Full manuscript concept review with five page analysis of character, plot, story structure, marketability, and world-building integration. Plus thirty minute voice chat – $200 (discount for less than 80,000 words)

  • Full manuscript content edit and line edit with specific attention to world-building integration with characters, narrative, plot, and voice. You receive extensive, detailed chapter by chapter comments on all aspects of your story as well as option to email editor with questions or speak with them over video chat. After you fix the content edit, I do a thorough line edit, which is a chapter by chapter analysis of sentence structure, consistency of voice, perfection of word choice, and all the other details that separate good books from great ones. More than an edit, this is a personal coaching process designed to improve your overall writing talent and marketing ability. Time to dig deep and make your story even more awesome! (Price varies depending on manuscript.)

  • Full manuscript content edit – You receive extensive, detailed notes on all aspects of your story as well as option to email editor with questions or speak with them over video chat. Chapter by chapter comments tackling every part of manuscript. Specific attention paid to world-building or historical integration with characters, narrative, plot, and voice. Plus, a coach in your corner to cheer on what you do well–and make sure you do more of that! (Price varies depending on manuscript.)

  • Full manuscript line edit – a chapter by chapter analysis of sentence structure, consistency of voice, perfection of word choice, and all the other details that separate good books from great ones. (Price varies depending on manuscript.)

  • First ten pages test round – offers point by point analysis on how your overall plot is working, detailed comments, plus a page of notes and thoughts on how to improve, hit your market, and make your story a home-run. ($15)

  • Short Story Editing – A two-pass review that looks at both content, voice, and sentence structure as well as grammar and spelling. In addition, send along your desired market, whether a contest or a self-publishing venture, and I’ll customize the editing with notes on how you can hit this particular target. (-$15/hr)


Non-Fiction Editing

Make your nonfiction work (articles, eBooks, academic papers, and manuscripts) shine with clear organization, purpose, and personal flair!

  • Structure and outline content to make your drafting a breeze

  • Clarify ideas and elements to ensure your reader stays with you through the last page

  •  Produce an accessible product that targets your specific audience


  • First chapter or full book proposal quick-reviewed with notes for no charge to see if we’re a good fit

  • Full manuscript consult with 4-5 page analysis, plus thirty minute voice chat – $200 (discount for less than 80,000 words).

    Analysis includes:

    • Effectiveness of content
    • Organization
    • Flow between chapters and sections
    • Clarity of core principles
    • Accessibility to target audience
  • Full Content/Line Edit (a full two-pass sweep – content notes and comments on effectiveness of material and accessibility, plus sentence structure, style, reader accessibility, marketability) – $20/hour (rates vary on length and content)

  • Five-page content analysis (manuscript overview of what works/what doesn’t, 5 pages of notes, and a thirty minute video chat session) –$10 per 1,000 words or full manuscript for $200

  • New Client Special – five blog posts or articles edited: $30


  •  “Janeen’s advice on my world-building helped me highlight my characters’ personalities through creating contrasts in their society, and her encouragement to look for humor brought cultural scenes to life in a whole new way.” – Bethany Jennings, Author
  • “After I floundered around in a swamp of vague character traits for a week, Janeen pinpointed the central issue with both my character and my thought process behind the story. She knows the questions to ask that make ordinary characters extraordinary and extraordinary events believable.” –Anne Jones, Aspiring Author
  • “Janeen Ippolito has been an amazing help to me as a writer.  She engages with my world, offering encouragement and continually challenging me to grow in developing my own voice in writing my stories.  It’s a joy to work with someone who enjoys both the process and the product of writing!” -Hannah Keeler, Author 
  • “Janeen’s insights on character development and plot structure took my novel to a whole new level. She is a creative, patient guide who pushes authors to their fullest potential while celebrating their unique stories and voices.” -Sarah White, Author and Acquisitions Editor for Uncommon Universes Press

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