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Being an author in today’s publishing world can be daunting. Between the publishing choices, the pressure to market, and the focus on audience, keeping your own voice and motivation is a tricky endeavor. Or maybe you’re ready to deal with all of those spinning plates, but you want a clear plan for your future. Let me be your personal guide and cheerleader along this process!

  • Gain confidence in your unique vision through feedback that engages with your goals

  • Find renewed purpose in your story and a clear sense of direction about your future

  • Explore possibilities and personalized brainstorming on the best market for your work

  • Celebrate the journey with plenty of enthusiasm, actionable ideas, concise analysis, and no-pressure advice


  • One free 30 minute consultation over communication method of your choice (Gmail chat preferred) – no strings attached

  • Detailed notes of consultation to get you on your way!

  • $30 per half hour/$50 per hour standard coaching session (includes emailed notes, personal feedback, and customized worksheets).

  • Six sessions at $40 per hour (sessions at author’s convenience, includes emailed notes, personal feedback, and customized worksheets)

NOTE: clients who sign up for a six week contract and fulfill that contract get up to a 30% discount on editing services.

Coaching Tracks

Offered for 6-week and 12-week tracks OR select a few sessions a la carte as you need advice, guidance, and feedback on specific matters. All coaching sessions include follow-up emails with notes and suggestions, as well as customized ‘homework’ and worksheets (as necessary).

  • The Push – Know yourself and use your unique strengths in your writing career! An in-depth exploration of what makes you tick as a writer and how that applies to all aspects of your writing life, from what you write, to how you draft, to where you sell your work, and everything in between. The Push program enables you to move ahead confidently in your writing life with focus, clarity, and a fresh sense of fun!

  • Foundations of Fiction – A step-by-step look at all aspects of your writing project, from plot to characterization to hitting the genre conventions. Avoid common mistakes, get personalized coaching on your writing goals, and learn new tips and tricks customized to get you on your way quickly and effectively, while still enjoying the journey.

  • Marketing Strategy Made Simple – Learn how to make marketing work for you–and even like it! This track creates an overview of your genre and goals for your work, assesses your marketing set-up, and then offers ideas on how to build your platform now for your launch. Includes little things you can be doing to get noticed, without taking away much from your writing time.

  • World-Building Review – Go deep with your world-building and make your story irresistible! This speculative fiction track review analyzes at your world-building: how you’re using genre tropes, where you have unique elements, and problem spots that might need a little more clarification. Includes notes and suggestions for how to make your story hit the sweet spots for readers, while also being unique enough to stand out from the crowd.

Tagline Coaching

  • A good tagline invites your reader into your passion, your purpose, and your perspective as an author! Taglines are one of my favorite things to problem-solve, and I would love to help coach you through yours. We figure out your Push, your audience, your genre needs, and go from there on an exciting journey to awesomeness!

  • Tagline coaching is $15/half hour or $30/hour over video chat, and you get a follow-up email with session notes, suggestions, and encouragement.


  •  “What I found most helpful during our meeting was Janeen’s insight into the marketing world and her complete openness to share tips and advice with me. I look forward to using the information she offered to improve my author brand and marketing skills now and in the future. I’ve learned how to better connect with the different reader communities that I want to target with my work, and how to make myself stand out in such a huge crowd of writers. The knowledge I gained from speaking with her is invaluable and I am beyond grateful I had the opportunity to learn from her.” – Jessica Elliott, Fiction Author
  • “After I floundered around in a swamp of vague character traits for a week, Janeen pinpointed the central issue with both my character and my thought process behind the story. She knows the questions to ask that make ordinary characters extraordinary and extraordinary events believable.” –Anne Jones, Fiction Author
  • “Janeen helped me figure out the steps to planning and outlining my novel before throwing myself into the first draft. She did a wonderful job giving me advice on how to plan out the story and characters arcs of my novel, finding the true conflict of the story and building everything else around that. When I first started, I only had an inkling of what I was doing and Janeen not only helped me figure out the rest, but she gave me confidence and appeased my fears. I recommend her coaching services to all writers like me who are working on their debut novel and unsure on how to proceed. Without Janeen, I would still be stuck in self-doubt and going round in circles.” -Sidonie Bouvier, Fiction Author 
  • “Janeen Ippolito you are amazing! Your enthusiasm and dedication to your clients is inspiring and your advice was solid and so well grounded. Fantastic session!”
    -Bethany Bone, Nonfiction Author

Professional Experience

  • B.A. in Cross-Cultural Studies, Informational Writing, and ESL

  • Author of World-Building From the Inside Out (textbook and workbook)

  • 7+ years coaching hundreds of writers of all ages into excellence

  • Edited short stories, articles, research papers, novels, and memoirs

  • 6+ years of critical book reviews with focus on content analysis, world-building, and market evaluation

Note: I offer negotiable rates for special circumstances, flexible payment plans, and will accept skill bartering on a conditional basis.

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