About Me


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I Am…

  • A reader, writer, teacher, and passionate student of life

  • A lover of ideas, creativity, humor, and my sword-fighting husband

  • A fan of chocolate, ranch dressing, steak, steamed broccoli, bacon, and ice cream (not all together–although if you buy my books…)

I Believe…

  • Writing should be fun

  • Everyone is capable of creativity

  • Hard concepts NEVER have to be boring

I Give

  • Quirky writing advice, resources, and worksheets

  • A new spin on your writing journey as play, not drudgery

  • Space on my blog for book promos and guest blogs (per discretion)

I Hope…

  • You take more risks and have more fun with your writing

  • You understand the significance and purpose behind every written word

  • You give 100% of your best work to readers (or leave book reviews for hungry writers!)

I Also…

  • Head up production at at Uncommon Universes Press, committed to publishing books with strong world-building, memorable characters, and the struggle of good/evil

  • Teach English professionally, working with students from ALL motivations

  • Love connecting with, supporting, and promoting other writers, readers, and explorers, so get it in touch on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram using the handy links on the right sidebar.

  • Have a shiny, infrequent-but-always-helpful newsletter–sign up for exclusives!

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