How NOT to Write a Series

1.) Write first book in series. Edit first book in series. Get all ready for a final clean-up.

2.) Go through the background history to sort out lingering details.

3.) Realize that you have enough noteworthy and plot-worthy content in backstory to justify a second book. Only it would be the first book in the series. Right.

4.) Have a two-day fight with your plotter’s mind that says “But HOW can it be the FIRST BOOK?”

5.) Start talking to the potential book fodder like it’s a rebellious child: “you are NOT allowed to turn into a novel, do you HEAR ME? And none of this rolling your eyes and stealing away my creative energy from other projects!”

6.) Give in because you are a mature adult, you need that book written in order to really click with the second book, and your poor husband and beta readers are tired of dealing with your irrational stress.

7.) …sheepishly announce to the world that oh yes, you’re doing National Novel Writing Month this year, because you need to crank out the second book of your series in a hurry. Because it’s actually Book 1.

facepalm bear


1.) Stop taking yourself so seriously. It’s slightly mind-boggling how many issues are solved with this truth. Hopefully one of these days I’ll learn it. #neuroticwriter

2.) Get connected with a lot of awesome people on NaNoWriMo. *waves* Feel free to buddy up with me! I’m writing as J.Ippolito.

3.) Download the Scrivener free trial and realize it has life-changing superpowers of organization. For some people. At least for me.

4.) Decide that, since you’re taking up all this time blathering to people about your personal writing failures, you should offer them something in return, namely:

Free World-Building Worksheets (Tweet This)

Religious Belief System Worksheet

Government Worksheet

Societal Structure Worksheet

So, anyone else out there doing NaNoWriMo?


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