Laughing at Failure

Writing is a joke. At least for me. And I’m not talking about the humor part.

See, I’m an anti-stupidist. It’s a sub-type of perfectionist.

Anti-stupidist: noun.1. person who has a strong aversion to appearing stupid or ignorant. ( Tweet This ) Variation, verb: Anti-stupiding. 2. Person who viciously criticizes and edits their own work so as to avoid appearing stupid, and then throws it away anyway.

Pride and insecurity. They go together like peanut butter and pickles. And like peanut butter and pickles, they often don’t sit well in the stomach.

What’s the antidote?

I realize that everyone messes up, we all fall short, and so I really don’t have any pride worth holding onto. True self-worth cannot be based on my accomplishments and I should be the first to serve others and listen to them, instead of demanding the podium.

And when I have the podium? Sometimes, I’ll fall off it. Because podiums are not very sturdy, really.

Everyone makes mistakes. All of us have done things like leaving the hose on overnight to leak into the lawn, or walking confidently towards a car, only to find it belongs to someone else. A someone else who is glaring suspiciously. Whoops!

Bottom line? Work hard, do your best, and understand that life won’t be easy. There’s a time for tears and a time for joy.

And when the stupid comes? Try to laugh at it. ( Tweet This Quote )

I’m working towards recovery of my anti-stupidism. I’m going to offer an email list soon, with more humor, story snippets, writing tips, and worldview inspiration. I’m also working on a series of videos, because as a teacher, I’m actually pretty comfortable working in that medium to reach out and help others.

Theoretically. I’m saying this after making and tossing fifteen videos, trying to go for the perfect angle. Because practice makes perfect. And more practice?

Makes you want to throw the digital camera out the window.

Hey, I’m not recovered yet. 😉

Any other anti-stupidists out there–or regular perfectionists? Other sub types?


3 thoughts on “Laughing at Failure

  1. I can totally relate! I’m definitely a perfectionist, and looking stupid or making public mistakes makes me want to be wiped off the face of the earth and never look at another human being again. I’m recovering too. Slowly. 😛 It all has to do with pride, not wanting anyone to think “little” of me, when in reality, in God’s view, I AM little, small, weak, and (humanly speaking) “pathetic.” So remembering that anything I have is God’s work in me, and EXPECTING myself to make mistakes because I’m a foolish sinner really does help.

  2. I’m totally with Bethany. I hate it when I think someone might think I’m stupid. Never thought of it as being a perfectionist, though. And yes, that stems from PRIDE. Which I have a ton of. 😦

    Great post, Janeen!

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