All-Natural, Plant-Based Updates – GMO Free!

First, just in case you missed it, I’m currently featured on The New Authors Fellowship with The Need for Opposing Worldviews in Christian Fiction.

Second, a week ago I had the honor of co-teaching at a science camp in the wilds of the Virginia highlands! This was my third time volunteering at the camp, but the first time as a teacher, as I have two years experience teaching basic botany. I was able to work with an awesome scientist, Anne Jones, who is currently doing her PhD work on the chemical interactions between insects and plants.

Anne Jones with fungi

It was fantastic, and super-inspiring as I finish up the final draft of the urban fantasy! The main character of the book is part of a plant-based race, the Phytaens, who you can read about in The Trouble With Plants (scroll down for flash fiction).

Since I’m currently in the frantic homestretch of writing (eight chapters to go!), enjoy some awesome pictures (and a few quotes) from camp!

Indian Pipes – a rare plant that doesn’t photosynthesize

*Teacher shows pictures of various creatures eating plants, as an introduction to Plant Defense day*

Teacher: how do you think the plants respond to being eaten?

Students: aaaaaahhhhhh!!!


*Bean sprouting experiments, wherein one group tried to sprout their beans by floating them in milk*

Teacher: What are your results?

Student 1: I think we made butter.

Student 2: I want to do that again at home!

Bee Balm! Also known as Bergamot.

Teacher: observational drawing is drawing what you see–in this case, only what you see in nature. So no unicorns.

Student: what if we actually SEE unicorns?

Teacher: then you have made a fantastic scientific discovery and need to find me immediately.

*Every day thereafter, students bring up unicorns*

Nature Hike pick
Me with clippings from a nature hike!

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