Marriage in Speculative Fiction

As you might be slightly aware, I’m currently submitting a finished urban fantasy manuscript. There’s humor, action, and suspense–and a heroine who is definitely not lying down on the job. But unique concept is the protagonists, a married couple.  The book picks up more than a few years into their marriage. After the romance and after the drama — right?

Not at all.  In fact, their marriage makes the overall plot just that much more complicated.

I was inspired to go for this after realizing how many stories that include romance are all about the “meeting” and the “lead up” and the “big kiss” or the “big wedding.” As if that’s the end and after that, you get a house and two kids and a dog. This goes against so many of the experiences I’ve seen with married couples.

Of course, it helps that in this case, the married couple have been separated for years, and one spouse thinks the other is dead.  But throughout the series, their partnership offers plenty of humor, action, and movement to the plot–and proves that beyond the kisses and romance, marriage is also a really close friendship: a man and a woman working and growing together for the good of their peoples.

Or, as the Bible says:

“Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.” (Ecclesiates 4:12)

That sort of partnership is something I feel is missing in a lot of fiction.  Often writers either ignore the idea of romantic love entirely, or else focus on the “getting there” aspect. and then dump the hero and heroine once they are reunited.

What about you, out in cyberspace?  Any recommendations of awesome married couples (Christian or non-Christian) in fiction–be it TV, book, or movie–where they are both three dimensional characters rising, falling, failing, and growing together?  Or even getting into trouble together?


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