My Little Brony

What is a Brony?

Bro (Male Human) + SuperFan of My Little Pony = Brony.

What’s My Little Pony?

According to Wikipedia: an entertainment franchise developed by Hasbro which is marketed primarily to girls. It started as a line of plastic pony toys…which have been produced since 1983. The ponies feature colorful bodies, manes and a unique symbol on one or both sides of their flanks. These are referred to in the two most recent generations as “cutie marks.” My Little Pony was revamped at least four times with new and more modern looks to appeal to a new market.

Wait, so a Brony is a guy who’s a fan of little girls toys and a little animated television show?  Maybe just a little weird, you think?

Weird or no, Bronies exist and have steadily made themselves more public over the last few years.  It all started with the dawn of the newest version of the show, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.  The show was created to have strong characters, cultural references, and cross-generational appeal, providing a painless and amusing experience for the parents who would watch it alongside their young daughters.  However, apparently creator Lauren Faust did such a good job that the show attracted a whole new demographic: adult males starting at about age thirteen and going up.

These bronies are part of a New Sincerity backlash against the oh-so-popular jaded irony often found online, and “have created numerous works in writing, music, art, and video based on the show, have established websites and fan conventions for the show, and have participated in charitable events around the show and those that create it” (Wikipedia article).

There was even a documentary created for the phenomenon:

This is how it came to my attention, via my wonderfully curious geek husband.  While he doesn’t feel the need to suddenly jump on the brony bandwagon, we both recognize that it really isn’t that different from any other geek fandom. It just involves males and multicolored ponies.

Go here for more info on Bronies.

What do you think?  Any Bronies out there?


One thought on “My Little Brony

  1. I found out about bronies a few years ago and tried watching the show — it’s surprisingly enjoyable! Although not enough to hold my attention past the first season or so. I think it’s kind of sweet that there are guys out there who just like to sit back, relax, and immerse themselves in a world where friendship is magic and good things happen to good people. I can see why it’s so attractive to them. Then I found out that some “bronies” like to sexualize the ponies … and that creeped me right the heck out. But I’m given to understand that the vast majority of bronies just genuinely enjoy watching the show.

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